Witness Divine Action When you Play Thor Slot

Posted on September 09, 2013

play thor slotsYou will think that Thor, the god of thunder really is at work when you hear the thunder and see the lightning whilst playing this slot. When you play Thor slot and witness the special effects used to create the setting of an electric storm, you can be forgiven for thinking that the Norse god is really taking divine action. The magnificent graphics on this slot machine realistically recreate an electric storm to such an extent that you could think it was real, except there is no rain. Unless of course you count the raining of the coins when you receive one of the very lucrative wins that the machine has to offer.

It is not by chance that when you play Thor Slot, the thunder cracks and lightning brightly snaps its crocked path across the reels because as the machine is based on the thunder god, the setting was planned and to go along with the theme further, the symbols on the reels are of Thor or something from his legendary tale.

As well as appearing in Norse legends handed down from the Vikings, Thor also appeared in Marvel comics but in their version, Thor had come to earth to fight evil, a theme that was repeated by Hollywood and now again on the slot machine. Play Thor Slot and join him in his new version as he fights against the evil that has started to consume the planet.

When you play Thor Slot you will see that there are three modes that it is played in. The first of these modes is the one that you will always start to play Thor Slot in but once you reach a certain point in the game, you will be offered two other modes, from which you choose which one you wish to play.

Even though when you play Thor Slot there are a lot of big wins you can attain in the regular play of the game, there is also an opportunity to win a jackpot, if the randomly awarded jackpot round is offered.

As Thor appeared in Marvel comics, when you play Thor Slot, you are playing a machine that is linked to other Marvel based slots in sharing four progressive jackpots, that are won through a special marvel jackpots round randomly provided to any of the sharing slots.

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