Wins Come with Thunder and Lightning on these Slots

Posted on April 17, 2014

thor slotAs these slots are themed on the Norse god of thunder, the special effects during the playing of them create a storm like atmosphere complete with the loud crashes of thunder and the bright flashes of lightning. When you play Thor slots these well -developed special effects just add to the excitement of the game to result in a thoroughly enjoyable experience. These are slot machines though and so as well as excitement, there should also be the potential to win and these slots certainly provide that.

The symbols on the reels are conducive with the theme and include the Thor logo, Thor, a castle in the sky and some assorted runes which can come together in combinations that make some very impressive wins cut in order to make those wins appear more frequently, the Thor symbol is a wild and can substitute for any of the other symbols except for the Thor logo symbol. The Thor logo symbol cannot be substituted because it is the scatter symbol and as such plays a very important role of its own. If you are able to get at least 3 of the Thor logo symbols showing on the reels together, you will trigger a bonus round. This bonus round, once triggered can result in you earning some very serious wins and consists of 10 free spins.

The 10 free spins alone could get you some fairly high wins but to try and ensure that, at least occasionally win big, any wins obtained during the playing of these free spins, are not paid out at the regular pay out amounts, they are trebled.
Suspense and hopeful anticipation are things that increase the enjoyment of any slot machine and on these slots; they are experienced as you wait in the hope of being allotted the special Marvel jackpot round. This round can randomly appear and be played at any time, and if you are lucky enough to be around when it does, you could win one of the four high paying jackpots which are shared by slots that, like these, are themed on characters that once appeared in Marvel comics.

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