Thunder, Lightning and the Thor Slots

Posted on August 25, 2013

play thor slotsThe thing that you will probably remember most about these slot machines, unless you win big of course, is the thunder and the lightning. As you play the Thor slot machine the special effects are really outstanding, making you believe that you are playing in the middle of a thunderstorm that is raging all around you. The Thor slots have loud cracks of thunder accompanying bright flashes of lightning that dart to and fro across the reels as you are playing. The reason for this of course is that the Thor slots are themed on Thor, the legendary god of thunder. According to the Vikings and their Norse legends, Thor possessed a magic hammer with which he could conjure up storms at will and supposedly, according to Marvel comics, he came to earth to use the power of his hammer to fight the evil that lingered here.

Thor Slots
The Thor slots themselves are 5 reel slots with the availability to play nine lines at a time. The symbols on the reels reflect the theme and are of lightning bolts, hammer, Thor and Thor’s father Odin, king of the Norse gods. These symbols on the reels spin stopping at some various combinations of which of course some are wins, including a Thunderstorm re-spin opportunity or a lightning free play chance.

Marvel Comics
Marvel comics introduced many super heroes to the public, of which Thor was one and now many of those same super heroes have become themes for some exciting slot machines, such as Thor slots.

As all these slots had ties to Marvel comics, they were perhaps united in some way but now that unity has really been cemented by them joining together to share four unique progressive jackpots. It is perhaps an opportunity to win one of these jackpots that makes Thor slots one of the most popular slots available. Anyway with these Marvel slots sharing jackpots, those jackpots can payout higher wins than most other jackpots that have to rely on just one machine to make up the winnings. It also means that a jackpot, having been won, can be quickly replaced.
Obviously all the machines have to have access to these jackpots and so just like the Thor slots, they all have randomly allotted jackpot rounds.

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