Thunder and Lightning on the Thor Slot

Posted on October 09, 2013

play thor slotsIt should hardly be surprising that a game that is themed on the Norse god of thunder should provide thunder and lightning. That is exactly what the Thor slot does, it produces the sounds of thunder crashing in your ears and making your senses tingle but before that the lightning bolts race across the face of the reels and you stand ready expecting rain but none ever comes. Instead of the expected pit a pat of rain, you may hear the jingling of cash though, as the wins rain cash as much if not more than any other slot machine

Thor Slot
Although the Thor Slot is based on the god of thunder, it is not so much as the legendary one from Viking tales but more the fictional character thought up by Marvel comics. Although both the legends and the Marvel comic speak of Thor the god of thunder, they do vary in their depiction of him.

The character Thor, as depicted by Marvel comics, was taken up by Hollywood who proceeded to make movies based on him and now there is the Thor Slot machine.

Winning Features
There are three modes of play on the Thor Slot and whilst you are in the initial mode, the one you start in, there are two special features that could help you win. The first of these is the thunder re-spin bonus feature and the second one is the lightning free-spin bonus feature, both of which could see you with some healthy winnings. The other two modes are reached at the same time and you can choose which one you play but they both offer almost endless free spins.

All the slot machines that have been based on characters that appeared in Marvel comics, share four progressive jackpots and as one of those machines is the Thor Slot, you may qualify for entry in the randomly allotted jackpot round which lets you play, to determine which of the four progressive jackpots that you are to win. Because all the Marvel slot machines pay into these jackpots, once one has been won, it can quickly rebuild into a high payer.

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