Thor Slot with Marvel Jackpots

Posted on February 26, 2014

thor slot machineAs this is one of the many slot machines whose themes were inspired by characters that have appeared in Marvel comics, it is possible to win on of the four Marvel progressive jackpots whilst playing it. The Thor slot and other marvel inspired slots share four jackpots and as these jackpots are shared and thereby paid into by many machines, their payouts can be exceptionally high. Which of the slot machines actual gets to pay out the jackpots is decided randomly and when a machine has been decided up on, it is awarded the special Marvel jackpot round to play. The playing of this round does not determine as to whether or not you get to win a jackpot, it just determines which of the four jackpots will be paid.

Originally Thor was a character from Norse mythology and according to the Norse legends he was the god of thunder. Bring the son of Odin, king of the gods, Odin gave Thor a magic hammer with which he could conjure up storms at will and so before setting out on long voyages, the Vikings would sacrifice rams in Thor’s name, hoping he wouldn’t conjure up a storm whilst they were at sea.

Later, Thor appeared as a character in Marvel comics and the later still, emerged as a superhero in Hollywood movies. The comic and movie versions of Thor have him as having come to earth to use the power of his hammer to fight evil and it is perhaps this version of Thor that the slot machine is more based on.

Special Features
As well as hopefully looking forward to playing a Marvel jackpot round, there are still many other ways to win on this machine and a couple of special features have been added to assist you in finding those wins. The special features include stacked wilds on reels 2 and 4 and when they stack on the 2nd reel, a thunderstorm re=spin feature starts and when they appear on the 4th reel, it triggers the start of a lightning free spin feature.

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