Thor Slot plays with the Gods

Posted on January 17, 2014

thor slot machineOn this slot machine, the gods from Norse legends are featured and in particular Thor, the god of thunder. As well as Norse legends, Thor has also appeared as a fictional crime fighter in Marvel comics and Hollywood movies and it is perhaps this version of Thor that the Thor slot is more based on.

The slot machine has three modes of play but you will always start in the same one. The other two modes are accessed by getting five Heimdall symbols, one on each of the reels, at which point you will be offered a choice between which of the other two modes it is that you would prefer to play. They are both modes that feature free spins; it is just that they are played in slightly different ways.

Bonus Features
It is hardly surprising that on this game, based on the god of thunder, that the special features would be called the Thunderstorm re-spin bonus and the lightning free spin bonus and they are. The thunderstorm re-spin is triggered when you are able to stack the wild symbols on the second reel and the lightning free spin bonus is triggered when you stack the wilds on the forth reel. The lightning bonus is probably the better of these two as it also adds extra wilds to some of the reels before the free spin takes place.

Although this slot machine does not have a particularly high paying jackpot of its own, it is possible to win one of the very high paying Marvel jackpots whilst playing it. As Thor is a character featured in Marvel comics, this slot machine joins other slots that have also been themed on marvel heroes, in sharing progressive jackpots. There are four of these jackpots in all and all of them have the potential to be among the highest paying jackpots available on any slot machine.

The jackpots can be won on any of the amalgamated slots through a special Marvel jackpots round which is randomly appointed for playing on each of the machines.

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