Thor Slot Myth or Marvel

Posted on December 08, 2013

thor slotAccording to Viking stories and Norse mythology, Thor was the god of thunder and lived in Asgard with his father Odin, king of the gods. When Thor later appeared in Marvel comics, he was depicted, still as the god of thunder, but as having come to earth to help fight crime as a superhero. Later still this exciting character appeared in Hollywood movies where he spent time both in Asgard and on earth and now that the Thor slot has been themed on this character, the slot reflects all of these aspects of this popular character.

Thor Slot
The Thor Slot is an exciting game that has three mode s to play in. You will always start in the default or normal mode but will have the opportunity to trigger access to the other two modes which, as they are triggered in the same way, you will have a choice as to which to play. In one of these accessible modes you may be able to attain almost endless re-spins and in the other almost endless free spins.

In the default mode though, you will be able to also earn Thunderstorm re-spin or Lightning free spin features to assist you in gaining some healthy profits all whilst experiencing the, special effects produced, thunderstorm raging around you with thunderclaps ringing in your ears and lightning bolts shooting across the reels.

Marvel Jackpots
The Thor Slot is a very popular slot machine and apart from its exciting theme, some of its popularity is probably also due to Marvel jackpots which can be won whilst playing it. The Marvel jackpots are a set of four progressive jackpots that are shared by all the Marvel inspired slot machines. As these jackpots are shared by so many machines, they have extraordinarily high payouts, which of course are a great attraction to slot machine enthusiasts. As these jackpots are shared b all these machines, they also have to be able to be won from any of these machines and so the special Marvel jackpot round was created. This special round is allocated to be played on each of the machines randomly, thereby allowing them equal opportunities to make the payouts.

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