Thor Slot Machine is a Legendary Game

Posted on February 21, 2014

thor slotAlthough this slot machine, due to its popularity, may become a legend in its own right, doesn’t take away the fact that it was itself themed on a legend. The Thor slot machine is themed on the legend of Thor, god of thunder which is just one of many legends in Norse mythology as passed down by the Vikings. Although Thor started as a Norse legend where he resided in Asgard with his father Odin, king of the gods, he later appeared as a superhero living on earth to fight evil. This superhero image was portrayed in Marvel comics where although he was still the god of thunder, he had left his father’s side. Later Thor, as depicted by Marvel comics, would appear as the star character in Hollywood movies and it is this second depiction of Thor that this slot is more based on, rather than the original Norse version.

Thunder and Lightning
Of course, as the god of thunder is the theme for this slot, it is understandable that thunder and lightning are featured on it. There are three playing modes on this slot and you always start playing in the regular mode. This regular game mode features stacked wilds and if you can get the wilds stacked on reel 2, you will trigger an exciting thunderstorm re-spin feature. If instead, you get the wild symbols stacked on the 4th reel, you will trigger the lightning free spin feature. Whichever one of these special features you manage to trigger, you are in for some excitement and hopefully some extra credits as the reels spin without you having to pay.

Additional Modes
If instead of being able to stack the wild symbols on reels 2 or 4, you are able to stack the Heimdall symbols on the center reel, you will trigger the two extra playing modes. As these modes are triggered together, you get to choose which one you play but both have the potential to award you almost endless free spins.

Don’t forget though, as this is a Marvel inspired slot machine, you may also get the opportunity to win one of the four Marvel progressive jackpots.

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