Thor Slot Machine a Thundering Experience

Posted on November 13, 2013

thor slotWhen you play this game you are seemingly placed in the center of a horrendous electrical storm. The Thor slot machine uses some exceptional graphics to make the effects of a giant storm appear real. The thunder loudly crackles and claps in the background and the lightning brilliantly flashes across the reels. The only thing that is missing is the rain but if you are lucky, it could soon rain chips in your favor.

The Thor Slot Machine is based on the legendary god of thunder from Norse mythology but is slanted more to the story of Thor as depicted by Marvel comics. In the Marvel comic’s version, Thor came to earth to help fight evil and used his storm making hammer only on the bad guys.

Thor Slot Machine
As well as the traditional playing card symbols on the reels of the Thor Slot Machine, there are some that represent Thor, his hammer or other memorabilia from the tales. These spin to sometimes present some winning combinations. As you play through the game, you will be confronted with two other modes in which you can play and although you have to choose one of them, the choice is yours.

Marvel Jackpots
As there are now several other slot machines apart from the Thor Slot machine, that are based on heroes that appeared in Marvel comics, they grouped together to present four shared progressive jackpots. The se shared jackpots have made the Marvel slots, including the Thor Slot Machine, even more popular than ever because the jackpots are shared they can afford to give higher payouts than other regular jackpots that are sponsored by just one machine. It is possibly also popular that being paid into by several machines, they can quickly be replenished and be available to be won again.

To be fare and ensure that all the slot machines got a chance to pay out the jackpots, a special Marvel jackpot round was devised which is played randomly on all the machines. It is for this reason that when you play the Thor Slot Machine, you may also be able to win a very healthy progressive jackpot.

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