Thor Slot Machine a Game with Gods

Posted on October 04, 2013

thor slot machineIt is not all games that feature gods but this one does, in fact it is based on a god, Thor the legendary Norse god of thunder. Although Thor had not been heard of much since the days of the Vikings, he was once more brought to the world’s attention by Marvel comics, this time as a heroic crime fighter who had come to earth to fight evil, a theme that was later taken by Hollywood and made into a movie and later still the theme was used to create the Thor slot machine.

Game Modes
The Thor Slot Machine has three game modes, one that you start the game in and two more from which, when you reach them, you can pick the one you wish to play. In the start mode you can receive Thunderstorm re-spins and Lightning free games, not only as a tribute to the Thunder God but also as a way to increase your winnings. The choice of which of the other two modes, when you reach them, is probably only one of personal choice as they both have equal opportunities to provide wins with almost limitless free spins.

Special Effects
Not only does the Thor Slot Machine offer some great winning opportunities but is also an exciting game with some truly magnificent special effects. The special effects are able to create an atmosphere similar to that of being in the middle of a huge electric storm; the thunder cracks sharply and the lightning bolts swiftly but continuously brighten up the reels, setting all your senses on edge awaiting the expected rain but it never comes, unless of course for the raining of the coins as they drop in payment of your big win.

Marvel comics have inspired themes for several slots of which the Thor slot machine is just one. It and the other Marvel inspired slots share four progressive jackpots that can be won via a special randomly allotted Marvel jackpots bonus round, which means that whilst you play the Thor slot machine, you could be randomly selected to play this jackpot round.

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