Thor Slot is based on a Marvel Hero

Posted on March 18, 2014

thor slot machineAlthough Thor appeared as a superhero in Marvel comics and movies, he was first featured in Norse legends as the god of thunder. In all appearances, although he was always the god of thunder, in the comic and the movies he had come to earth to fight evil, whilst in the legends he lived in Asgard with his father Odin, king of the gods. The Thor slot therefore depicts both representations of the legendary Thor.

According to Viking stories, they would sacrifice rams in the name of Thor, hoping to appease him so that he wouldn’t create any violent storms whilst they were at sea. Although it isn’t known if these sacrifices worked or not, rams are featured on the reels as symbols, just in case they can bring good fortune. Along with the rams, other symbols on the reels include the Thor symbol which is the wild and the Heimdall symbol that activates the other game modes.

Game Modes
Although you will always start playing in one game mode, there are in fact three game modes in all on this slot machine. Acquiring Heimdall symbols on the center reel will allow access to these extra two modes and you get a choice as to which one you enter. Both of the additional modes, although different, offer the opportunity to attain almost endless free spins.

Before accessing the other modes though, there are still some winning features on the initial game mode. The thunderstorm re-spin and the lightning free spin are both features in the first game mode that can afford you some winning spins without extra investment.

The Marvel comics are full of superhero characters and it is not just this machine that has chosen one of these characters as its theme. Now all these slots that have Marvel characters as their theme, share four jackpots. It is therefore possible to win one of these four very high paying, progressive jackpots, from any of these machines. The jackpots are paid out randomly and equally, though each of the machines and so you can win one at any time during which you are playing.

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