Thor Slot has Scattered Wins

Posted on October 29, 2013

thor slot machineBy getting the scatter symbols on the reels of this slot machine, you can get double the win. The Thor slot pays out on two scatter symbols and has a different pay out for three or more scatter symbols and so when you get the latter, you also win the two scatter award. Getting two scatter symbols will earn you a multiple of the amount that you bet and getting three scatters gives you a free spin and so you will win the multiple of the bet, plus added to that will be anything that is won on the free spin.

Whilst you play Thor slot there are also thunderstorm re-spins and lightning free spins to be won, in fact thunder and lightning feature a lot on the Thor slot, which probably isn’t surprising as he was the Norse god of thunder. The Thor slot utilizes exception special effects to place you in what seems like the middle of an electrical storm to play the game. Lightning bolts will shoot sharply across the reels and thunderclaps will resound in your ears, tingling all your senses as they prepare for the rain that never comes.

Game Modes
Although there are three game modes to be played on the Thor slot, you will always start in the same one and then the other two are reached at the same time and so you can choose which of them to play.

Marvel Jackpots
Although Thor, according to Norse legends was the god of thunder and lived in Asgard with his father Odin, the king of the gods, Marvel comics depicted him as having come to earth to battle the evil that resided here, a theme that was later continued in the Hollywood Movie Thor.

As Thor appeared in marvel comics, the Thor slot was allowed to join other slots based on Marvel heroes in sharing four progressive jackpots. As these jackpots, being shared by many machines, can be replenished quickly and pay out more than most other jackpots, they have become popular and so now many of the Marvel inspired slot machines are among the most popular slots available today.

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