Thor Slot Follows a Legend

Posted on January 02, 2014

thor slot machineAccording to the legends of Norse mythology, Thor was the god of thunder. These legends were spoken of by the Vikings and in order to appease this god of thunder, they would sacrifice rams in his name in the hope that they would not encounter any violent storms during their long voyages. The Thor slot though, is based more of the Marvel comic’s portrayal of this legendary god. According to Marvel comics Thor had left Asgard, the home of the gods and come to earth as a superhero to fight against evil where ever it was found.

Thor Slot
Whether they came from the legends or from Marvel comics, the symbols on the reels depict either Thor or things that are linked with him. The machine has 5 reels that can allow 9 pay lines to be played at one spin and there are three game modes it can be played in. You will always start to play in the same game mod and as you progress through the game, you will come to as point where you are offered one of the other two modes to play in, the choice of which of these two modes you play is yours but both of them offer equally good winning chances with the potential to award almost endless free spins.

Marvel Jackpots
Marvel jackpots are four progressive jackpots that are shared by slot machines that have Marvel characters as their theme. All these slot machines pay into the jackpots so that the jackpots can quickly grow and reach heights that are rarely seen on other slot machines.

As all these slots pay into the jackpots, obviously they would all like to be able to pay out at least some of them and towards that end, a special Marvel jackpots round was made. This round enables all the machines to randomly receive the opportunity to pay out one of the jackpots. This means that when you play Thor Slot, you could at any time, randomly receive access and entry to, the Marvel jackpots round and if that happens, you will be the recipient of one of the largest jackpot wins available on slot machines.

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