Thor Creates Wins on this Slot Machine

Posted on April 22, 2014

play thor slotsThis slot machine is themed on Thor, the Norse god of thunder who according to legends could create storms at will but on this slot machine all he creates are wins. When you play Thor slot machine you will see that most of the symbols on the reels are Thor related and to further enhance the theme, whilst you play special effects cause an electrical storm all around you. The thunder claps and the lightning flashes and you nerves are tingling with suspense as you wait to see if it will start to rain coins. This slot machine is very popular, not because of the stormy special effects but because it does often rain coins as they continue to get win after win. One of the causes of these great winnings is the bonus round. In the bonus round you are awarded 10 free spins which often produce at least one or two wins and when those wins come, they pay triple their usual amounts.

Apart from being a character from Norse legends, Thor was also featured as a superhero in Marvel comics and then later, in Hollywood movies, again as a superhero. As these slots, like many others, are themed on a character that has appeared in Marvel comics, it is part of a Marvel comic franchise where all the slots share in the same four super progressive jackpots. As these jackpots are paid into by several slots, they can become very high paying and also, once won, can be replaced rapidly. Of course though, all the machines have to have the ability to pay out these jackpots when their turn comes and to ensure that the jackpots are paid out fairly between all of these slots, a special Marvel jackpots round was created. This means that at any time whilst you are playing the Thor slot, you could randomly be appointed to play the marvel jackpots round. If you are lucky enough to be allowed to play this round, you will have already won one of the jackpots and the round is only there for you to play to see which of the four jackpots it is that you have won.

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