This Slot has a Lightning Free Spin Feature

Posted on May 22, 2014

thor slot machineThe lightning free spin feature is where you are immediately awarded a free spin and this can occur randomly at any time during the default mode of the game. When you play Thor slot, apart from the lightning free spin feature there is also a Thunderstorm re-spin feature and this too, can be randomly triggered at any time during the playing of the game in the default mode. There are in fact 3 modes of play on this this slot machine but the regular round, which is the default round to start play in, is always the first mode in which you will play. The other two modes, although randomly being introduced, are triggered at the same time, allowing you the choice as to which one you would prefer to play. Actually the choice is hardly needed as both the other two modes are similar but also both can be very rewarding as they have features that include, potentially never ending rounds of free spins, which are always many people’s favourite way of winning.

The Thor Slot itself is themed on the Norse legendary god of thunder but follows the image he was portrayed in in Marvel comics as opposed to the legends. Marvel comics, although still recognizing Thor as the god of thunder, portrayed him as an evil fighting superhero, using his divine powers in a fight between good and evil.

As Thor appeared in marvel comics, this slot is part of the Marvel franchise of slot machines that share four progressive jackpots. As these jackpots are shared, therefore paid into by many slots, they are able to rebuild quickly and reach some phenomenal heights of pay out, often much higher than single slot based jackpots. As The Thor slot pays into these jackpots, they can also be paid out by it and these pay outs of one of the jackpots can randomly take place at any time that you are playing. Although this slot machine is exciting on its own, the possibility of winning one of these high paying progressive jackpots, has certainly contributed in this slot being so popular.

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