These Slots are Themed on a God

Posted on May 27, 2014

play thor slotsThe theme for these slot machines is Thor, the Norse god of thunder. When you play Thor slots the theme soon becomes clear as you see thunderstorm re-spins and lightning free spin features randomly appearing as you play the first, regular, default mode. This is a theme that runs solidly through all three of the play modes but is often more aligned to the image given to Thor by Marvel comics than the one told of by the Vikings. The other two modes that can be reached, randomly from the default starting mode are very similar and so even though you are given a choice as to which to play when they are triggered together, it will rarely make much difference. They both contain special features that can see you playing free spin after free spin, almost endlessly and so both can also supply you with some good wins. In the default mode though, the thunderstorm re-spin and the lightning free spin features can certainly start to on your winning way.

As mentioned, Thor was a character that featured in the Marvel comics and as such, qualifies these slots to be in the Marvel franchise of slot machines which share four progressive jackpots. These jackpots are shared by all the slot machines that have been based on characters that appeared in the Marvel comics and with so many slots sharing the same jackpots, the jackpots are quickly replenished, plus they reach levels of pay outs that it would be very hard for any one slot, paying in alone, to match. This makes these Marvel inspired slots very popular, especially among the slot machine enthusiasts. The jackpots are of course, paid out through the different slot machines evenly and this is possible due to a special Marvel jackpots round that was created. This jackpot round first decides which slot machine should next pay out one of the jackpots and then allows the round to be played on the relevant slot to determine which of the jackpots will be paid out. This means that whilst you are playing these slots, once you are allotted the Marvel jackpots round to play, you have already won.

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