The Thor Slot Machine is Based on a Legend

Posted on December 28, 2013

play thor slotsThor was a character from Norse legend but perhaps became better known after he appeared in Marvel comics. After that but before appearing on the Thor slot machine, the character was the star for a Hollywood movie, making him even better known.

Although Thor started off as a legend, this slot machine is based more on the version portrayed by both Marvel and Hollywood. The difference is that the legend says that Thor resided in Asgard with the rest of the gods but Marvel and Hollywood portray him as living on earth where he is something of a super hero battling evil.

Thor Slot Machine
This is a 5 reel slot that has as symbols on its reels, Thor plus other things associated with the character and these symbols can come together on 9 separate pay lines to provide some interesting wins. These wins can include the Thunderstorm re-spin feature or the Lightning free play feature, both of which can help to boost your winnings very nicely. These features are found in the initial mode that you play, there are also two other modes that you can access from this mode. When reached, you are given a choice as to which of the two modes you would then like to continue in. Both the modes are equally good when it comes to providing wins as both can have endless free spins.

Marvel Comics
This is not the first superhero character from Marvel comics that has inspired a slot machine to be themed on, in fact there are several in play today. These slots have now combined in so far as sharing a jackpot and now, in all, there are four shared jackpots. These jackpots are won through a special round that is randomly allotted to be played on each of the participating slots so each slot receives an equal chance to be the one paying out such high jackpots.

This is why when you play the Thor Slot and get lucky; you could be the recipient of one of the highest jackpots available today.

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