The Thor Slot Machine is a Marvel Payout

Posted on March 13, 2014

thor slot machineAll slot machines that have been inspired by characters from Marvel comics are bound together in sharing four progressive jackpots. As Thor, the god of thunder is one of these machines, when you play the Thor slot machine; you too could receive one of these very popular and high paying Marvel progressive jackpots. As the jackpots are shared, they are paid into by several machines making for more money being available for payouts, this means that the payouts can be either higher or more frequent or, as is usually the case, both. The payouts of course have to be made through all of the machines equally but they are done so on a random basis and so at any time that you are playing one of these machines, win one of these magnificent jackpots.

These Marvel jackpots are very popular and so make the machines that offer them to be won from very popular too, although most, like the Thor slot machine, because of their exciting themes, would probably be popular anyway.

This machine offers three separate game modes but always starts in the same one and then offers you the choice from two more, which you would like to advance to. The choice arises from the fact that both modes are triggered in the same way, meaning that they are both available at the same time, thereby providing you the choice of which one you play.

All three game modes seem to concentrate on affording you a win without paying and this is done in the starting mode by having two special features. The first is the thunderstorm re-spin feature and the other is the lightning free spin feature and obviously, allowing you either re-spins or free spins can see you acquiring wins with no extra expense, thereby allowing your credits to grow faster.

The additional two play modes, although different, both seem to further this trend as, in both modes you are able to trigger special features that start free spins and as these free spins can be retriggered, there numbers can grow.

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