The Thor Slot Machine has Thunder and Lightning

Posted on December 03, 2013

thor slotWhen you play this slot machine, the thunder is clapping and the lightning is flashing but it is all part of the theme. On the Thor slot machine it is special effects that create the stormy conditions, not the magic hammer of the Norse god of thunder, Thor. As the slot is themed on the thunder god there is no surprise about the stormy weather but what may come as a surprise are the magnificent graphics and soundtrack that has been used in the creation of this slot machine.

Thor Slot Machine
The excellent special effects make you feel like you really are in the middle of an electric storm as you start to play the game in its initial mode. This mode offers thunderstorm re-spins and lightning free spins as bonus features that can help you to have a winning experience. This mode soon randomly gives way to one of two other modes, the choice of which is up to you. These more advanced modes on the Thor slot machine can offer bonus rounds that are seemingly endless free spins and of course, you know what that means to your credit balance.

The symbols on this slot are either of Thor or of objects from his legendary tales as depicted in the pages of the Marvel comics. Although Marvel comics appreciated Thor was the god of thunder, they depicted him more as a superhero that came to earth to help fight the evil that was spreading uncontrollably. In the comic Thor would use his hammer as a weapon against evil more than as a storm maker but the comic still spoke of him as being the son of Odin, king of the gods.

As Thor appeared in Marvel comics as a superhero, the Thor slot machine qualified to join other Marvel superhero inspired slot machines, in sharing four progressive jackpots. By sharing these jackpots all the machines pay into the jackpots and all machines can pay out the jackpots but by joining together the payouts become higher than is normal, making all the participating slots more attractive to players.

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