The Thor Slot Machine has Three Modes

Posted on February 06, 2014

play thor slotsThis slot machine has three playing modes, one that you start in and then as you randomly meet them from the start mode, you have a choice from two, as to which you advance to. In the start mode, the Thor slot machine has two special features that can be of assistance in helping you win. The first of these features is called the thunderstorm re-spin and by allowing you re-spins can mean that you could acquire a win without having to put in an additional coin. The second feature is called a lightning free spin and this allows for you to have a free spin, meaning that again, you could receive additional wins without having to pay.

The other two modes, which are reached at the same time, giving you a choice of which one to play, both have special features that can allocate an almost endless stream of free spins. Obviously with any large number of free spins being given away, the potential for some big wins is high and could possibly account for this slot machines huge popularity.

The slot machine is based on the character Thor who, apart from featuring in Norse legends as the god of thunder living in Asgard with his father Odin, who was king of the gods, also featured in Marvel comics as, although again a god of thunder, having come to earth to fight evil.

As Thor appeared in these adventure comics, the Thor slot is known as one of the slots that is themed on characters featured on the pages of Marvel comics. All the slot machines that have been themed on Marvel comics, joined together in so far as to share the same jackpots. There are four of these shared jackpots and they are all progressives. As all the slots pay in to the jackpots, having a steady income, these jackpots rapidly grow to high payouts. The benefit of having a high paying jackpot is shared by all the participating slots and so they are paid out randomly, from each of the machines.

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