The Thor Slot Machine features Marvel Jackpots

Posted on January 22, 2014

thor slot machineMarvel jackpots are four progressive jackpots that are shared by slot machines that have been themed or based on characters that have appeared in Marvel comics. Because the character Thor has been depicted in Marvel comics, the Thor slot machine qualifies in sharing these jackpots. The jackpots, because they are shared, are very high paying and can be replaced quickly. This fact of course makes any machine that participates in the jackpots, a very popular machine to play by those who seek large pay outs. For this reason all the machines must have the opportunity to pay out the jackpots and this is done in an unbiased and random manor by way of a special Marvel jackpots round being randomly allotted to be played on one machine at a time. Players therefore know that although the jackpots may not always be paid out on the machine they are playing, one could be paid out on it at any time.

Thor Slot
Although there is no doubt that having access to the Marvel jackpots would make this slot machine very popular, all the signs are that the machine would be popular even without the jackpots. It is an exciting game that offers three separate modes of play and some potentially high pay outs of its won.

In regular mode, which you always start in, there are two features that can help you win, the thunderstorm re-spin feature and the lightning free spin feature. Both of these features can assist you in getting wins without having to pay in extra coins.

The other two game modes are accessed whilst you are playing the regular mode and as they are both triggered in the same manner, every time you trigger them, you are offered the choice as to which one you would rather play. Winning in these additional modes is potentially easier as, they both contain their own free spin features that have the potential to be almost limitless in the number of free spins they offer. This means that once you attain access to either of these play modes, the wins should come raining in.

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