The Thor Slot Machine Depicts a God on Earth

Posted on October 24, 2013

thor slot machineAlthough, according to Norse legends, Thor the god of thunder lives on Asgard with his father Odin the king of the gods, Marvel comics had him coming to Earth to fight against evil. The Thor slot machine bases itself on the Marvel version, who although is the god of thunder, lives on earth.

As you would expect from anything that depicts the god of thunder, the Thor Slot machine is played in an atmosphere of raging thunder and brightly flashing lightning, all induced and created by the use of some truly amazing graphics and sound effects, the only thing missing is perhaps the rain, unless you would like to include the raining of the coins as you win on either the Thunderstorm free spin feature or the Lightning free play feature. Both these features are on the Thor Slot machine in the initial mode of play.

There are two other modes of play on the Thor Slot machine and because they are both triggered at the same time, you get to choose which one you play but it really is a choice of personal preference, as both modes go on to have the potential to award you almost unlimited free spins.

Marvel Jackpots
As Thor is one of the superheroes featured in Marvel comics, the Thor Slot machine joins other Marvel inspired slot machines in sharing four progressive jackpots. As these jackpots are shared, it means that all the participating slot machines pay into them and likewise, they can be won by any of the participating machines.

In order to achieve this on a fair basis, a special Marvel jackpot round was introduced to the Thor Slot and the others. This jackpot round is played by all the machines but only when randomly allotted to each machine. When a machine gets awarded the jackpot round, that machine will pay out one of the jackpots but which one is paid out is determined by the playing of the round. This means that when you play the Thor Slot, you are eligible to play and may receive entry to, the Marvel jackpot round and become the winner of one of the largest jackpots in the world of slot machines.