The Thor Slot is Thundering Ahead

Posted on April 11, 2013

thor slotIt is the desire of the producers of all slot machines that their latest creations will lead the field in popularity. The Thor slot certainly has all the criteria and ingredients to make it a leader in popularity within this field.

The Thor slot has progressive jackpots, re-spins and an abundance of wilds and special features, all of which are popular among the slot enthusiasts. Added to that is the theme of Thor, a character made legend by both Viking mythology and Marvel comics, this God of thunder creates thunder and lightning with the strike of his hammer, which in turn causes thrills and excitement in the hearts of men. This excitement is reproduced in the Thor based symbols on the reels and that excitement is maintained by the lightning fast action on the 5 reels, often thundering home substantial wins.

Special Features
Regular play on the Thor slot is exciting but the excitement level rises with the appearance of Thor. Thor is the wild and the wild is always a welcome sight on any slot but in this case, if Thor appears on the 2nd reel a re-spin is generated. If he appears on the forth reel then again a re-spin is awarded, however this time extra wilds will be added making your chances of hitting a big win far more likely.

All the marvel comic based slot machines are popular. One of the main reasons for this is not only the fact that Marvel created some really exciting and popular super heroes but also because all these slots feature Marvel progressive jackpots.

This unique feature allows for jackpots to quickly raise their payouts, affording any player of a Marvel based slot to win extraordinarily high jackpots for less wagers. Obviously this is a very popular concept with gamers and does not limit their play to just one slot machine; it allows them a little variety.

With the progressive jackpots, perhaps slightly unique bonus features and an exciting story line as its theme, the Thor slot is surely destined to hammer ahead of its rivals in the battle for popularity in slots.