The Thor Slot Creates Thunder and Lightning

Posted on June 03, 2013

play thor slotsThunder and Lightning
The cracks of thunder and flashes of lightning created by this slot machine are so realistic you’d think it was real. Of course though it is not but the Thor slot is based on Thor who was, for the Vikings, the god of thunder and lightning and so a great deal of effort was put into making the simulated graphics and soundtrack as authentic as possible, the results of which are impressive.

Although Thor was originally a god in the legends of the Vikings, he was much later made into a super hero by Marvel comics and later still became the character for a popular movie. Now the character is a theme for a slot machine. The Thor Slot is not the first to take a character from Marvel comics as their theme, there are many others and they have joined together in order to give progressive jackpots that can attain payout levels much higher than any slot just working alone.

Thor Slot
As the Thor Slot is based on the god of thunder, the symbols on the reels reflect this and have ones of Thor himself plus objects that are associated with him; such as a fist, a hammer, and a castle plus of course bolts of lightning. Whilst you are playing the game, the reels will light up as if a flash of lightning has just passed them and will of course be supported by the loud cracking thunder, supposedly made by Thor smashing his hammer on the ground.

The Thor Slot has proven to be very popular and in honesty, all the popularity can not just be attached to the progressive jackpots alone; the Thor Slot in its own right is exciting, vibrant, fast paced, suspenseful , thrilling and all round enjoyable, meaning that the progressive jackpots are merely icing on the cake.

With the thunder and lightning supposedly crashing around you, your senses are alert and at a heightened state of excitement, an ideal position in which to enjoy an exciting slot machine. When you play the Thor Slot the suspense comes, not just by the anticipation of getting the jackpot but also the expectation of perhaps arriving at one of the two very exciting and possibly generous bonus rounds.