The Gods are Your Friends on these Slots

The gods from Norse mythology are your friends on these slots as it is them that appear as symbols on the reels which, if you get them in the right combinations, can earn you wins. On the Thor slot machine there is Thor the god of thunder, his father Odin who is king of the […]

Retrigger the Bonus on these Slots

One of the more popular features on these slots is the fact that it is possible to retrigger the bonus round but we will get to that shortly. The Thor slot machine has been themed on the character Thor. According to Norse mythology, Thor was the son of Odin who was king of the gods […]

Triple Your Wins with the Thor Logo

When you play these slots and are able to trigger the bonus round by getting some of the Thor logo symbols, any wins you get will be tripled. The Thor slot machine is themed on the legendary god of thunder from Norse mythology and so the symbols reflect that by being of Thor’s logo, Thor […]

Myth and Marvel Feature on this Slot

This slot machine is themed on Thor a character from Norse mythology and also one that has appeared in Marvel comics. The Thor slot machine, because of Thor’s association with Marvel comics, is part of the Marvel franchise of slots which share four high paying progressive jackpots. In the Norse mythology, Odin was the king […]

Thor is a Marvel Slot

Thor, who according to Norse mythology was the god of thunder and according to Marvel comics, he came to earth to fight evil and so is considered to be a Marvel superhero. The Thor slot machine, because of Thor’s appearance in Marvel comics, is therefore part of the Marvel franchise of slots that share four […]

Thor Creates Wins on this Slot Machine

This slot machine is themed on Thor, the Norse god of thunder who according to legends could create storms at will but on this slot machine all he creates are wins. When you play Thor slot machine you will see that most of the symbols on the reels are Thor related and to further enhance […]

Infinite Free spins are available on this Slot

Although there is the opportunity to get almost an infinite number of free spins on this slot machine, the opportunity only exists in two of the three game modes. When you play Thor slot machine, which has three game modes, it is not the standard mode, which you start in, that offers the chance to […]

The Thor Slot Machine is a Marvel Payout

All slot machines that have been inspired by characters from Marvel comics are bound together in sharing four progressive jackpots. As Thor, the god of thunder is one of these machines, when you play the Thor slot machine; you too could receive one of these very popular and high paying Marvel progressive jackpots. As the […]

Thor Slot Machine is a Legendary Game

Although this slot machine, due to its popularity, may become a legend in its own right, doesn’t take away the fact that it was itself themed on a legend. The Thor slot machine is themed on the legend of Thor, god of thunder which is just one of many legends in Norse mythology as passed down […]

The Thor Slot Machine features Marvel Jackpots

Marvel jackpots are four progressive jackpots that are shared by slot machines that have been themed or based on characters that have appeared in Marvel comics. Because the character Thor has been depicted in Marvel comics, the Thor slot machine qualifies in sharing these jackpots. The jackpots, because they are shared, are very high paying […]