Thor can Create Wins on these Slots

According to Norse legends Thor, who these slots are themed on, could create storms as the god of thunder, on these slots he can create wins and some quite impressive ones too. When you play Thor slots, Thor appears as two symbols on the reels, one as himself and another is the Thor logo and […]

Receive a Random Jackpot whilst Playing these Slots

All the slot machines which have been inspired by characters that have appeared in Marvel comics, form a franchise and share four progressive jackpots which are paid out randomly by all the slots equally. As Thor appeared in Marvel comics when you play Thor slots you are therefore playing one of these franchised slots and […]

Win Hammer and Fist on these Slots

The hammer of Thor and the fist of Odin are only two of the symbols on these slot machines that can bring you some wins. When you play Thor slots other symbols that appear on the reels are Thor, Odin, Thor’s logo, Loki and many others from Norse mythology. According to the Vikings, Thor was […]

Win Huge Progressive Jackpots on these Slots

These slot machines are themed on the character Thor who, according to Norse mythology, as told by the Vikings, was the god of thunder and could muster up storms by using his magical hammer given to him by Odin, his father who was the king of all the gods, but it is because the character […]

These Slots are Themed on a God

The theme for these slot machines is Thor, the Norse god of thunder. When you play Thor slots the theme soon becomes clear as you see thunderstorm re-spins and lightning free spin features randomly appearing as you play the first, regular, default mode. This is a theme that runs solidly through all three of the […]

Loki, Odin and Thor all Feature on these Slots

Although there are three of the Norse gods featured as symbols on the reels of these slots, the slots are themed on just one. When you play Thor slots, as the name suggests, they are themed on the Norse god of thunder, Thor. According to the Viking legends, Thor could conjure up storms at any […]

Play and Win with a Legend on these Slots

These slot machines are themed on Thor, the legendary god of thunder and, according to Marvel comics, a superhero. When you play Thor slots, although the games recognize him as a superhero as depicted by Marvel comics and later by Hollywood, they also recognize him as the legendary god of thunder and have thunder re-spins […]

Wins Come with Thunder and Lightning on these Slots

As these slots are themed on the Norse god of thunder, the special effects during the playing of them create a storm like atmosphere complete with the loud crashes of thunder and the bright flashes of lightning. When you play Thor slots these well -developed special effects just add to the excitement of the game […]

Win Marvel Jackpots on these Slots

One of the things that make these slot machines so popular is the fact that whilst playing them, you could win one of the high paying marvel jackpots. When you play Thor slots you could randomly be awarded the playing of what is known as the special Marvel jackpots round. This is a round that […]

Play Thor Slots and get Weatherly Wins

With these slots being themed on the god of thunder, it is possibly inevitable that your wins may be affected by the weather and they are. When you play Thor slots and you are still in the initial round, you may be fortunate enough to encounter the thunderstorm re-spins feature or the lightning free spins […]