The Free Spins May Never Stop on this Slot

Not only is there are a bonus round that can offer limitless free spins on this slot machine but there are two additional game modes that do the same thing. When you play Thor slot, there are in all three game modes, the one you will always start in and 2 that are reached simultaneously, […]

A Mythical Legend Adorns the Reels of this Slot

Thor is a legendary character from Norse Mythology as well as a character from Marvel comics and Hollywood movies. It is this character Thor that appears on the reels when you play Thor slot and he appears in two ways, one as symbol and then his logo also appears as another symbol and it is […]

Join the Vikings and be in Awe of Thor

Although the reason why the Vikings were in awe of Thor was because he was thought to be the god of thunder and had control over the storms whilst they were at sea yet on this slot he can only provide you with wins, the size of those wins may leave you in awe of […]

The Logo Earns Wins on these Slots

As this slot machine is based on the character Thor, there are symbols depicting both Thor himself, plus the Thor logo and both of these symbols can be extremely helpful in your quest to have a profitable, as well as entertaining experience. When you play Thor slot the Thor symbol is the wild and with […]

This Slot has a Lightning Free Spin Feature

The lightning free spin feature is where you are immediately awarded a free spin and this can occur randomly at any time during the default mode of the game. When you play Thor slot, apart from the lightning free spin feature there is also a Thunderstorm re-spin feature and this too, can be randomly triggered […]

Two Sides to a Legend on this Slot

Thor appears in Norse legends as the god of thunder who was the son of Odin, king of the gods and could create storms with a magic hammer given to him by his father and he was also a superhero when he featured in Marvel comics and the movies. To play Thor slot you’ll see […]

A Storm of Free Spins on these Slots

Although during the playing of these slots, the machines create the atmospheres of storms with bright flashes of thunder and loud claps of thunder, it is only during the bonus round that they rain free spins upon the players. When you play Thor Slot you will realize that it is themed on Thor, the god […]

Play Thor Slot with Stormy Features

This slot machine is based on the god of thunder and so you shouldn’t be surprised if you encounter some stormy features. When you play Thor slot there are three game modes in which you can play, the regular mode is the one you start in and it is also here that you may encounter […]

Play Thor Slot with Thunder and Lightning

It is perhaps little wonder that as this slot machine is themed on the god of thunder, that thunder and lightning are featured on it. When you play Thor slot there are three separate modes that it can be played in and it is the first of these modes that there are thunder and lightning […]

Play Thor Slot in Three Game Modes

This slot machine has three game modes but you will always start in the same regular mode. Once you play Thor slot in the regular mode, you will reach a point where you will be given a choice of which, of two other game modes to play. These additional games modes offer you a choice […]