Stacked Wilds on Thor Slot

Posted on July 28, 2013

thor slot machineOn some slot machines wilds are placed together on the reels so it is possible to see two or more wilds visible on the same reel at one time when this occurs it is called having stacked wilds. One of the features on the Thor slot is stacked wilds which can also be a winning combination on its own.

Thor Slot
The Thor Slot has three modes of play, one that you start in and when you obtain certain symbols in certain places on the reels, you are offered a choice of the other two modes to play. In the starting mode there are two bonus rounds available and the first of these on the Thor Slot is reached by getting stacked wilds on the second reel which will trigger the Thunderstorm

Re-spin bonus.
The second bon us round on the initial mode of the Thor Slot, requires that you get stacked wilds on the forth reel which triggers the Lightning Free Spin bonus.

The Thor Slot is based on the mythological, Norse god of thunder as first portrayed by Marvel comics. In the Marvel comic’s version, Thor was sent to earth to rid it of evil by using the powers he possessed in his magical hammer. Therefore in keeping true to its theme, the Thor Slot has symbols on its reels that reflect the characters from both the myth and the comic.

Marvel Jackpots
The Thor Slot is not alone in using heroes portrayed in Marvel comics as their theme, there are now several. All these Marvel themed slots now unite together to share some common jackpots. In all there are four of these jackpots and they are all progressive jackpots. This means that when you play Thor Slot or any other Marvel based slot, you may be randomly allotted a Marvel bonus round. It is from this round that you will play a game to determine which of the four progressive jackpots it is that you win.

The Thor Slot would probably have enjoyed huge popularity on its own merits but given that the Marvel progressive jackpots are also available from it, there is no surprise that it is one of the more popular slot machines available today.