Progressive Jackpots with the Thor Slot Machine

Posted on June 10, 2013

thor slot machineProgressive jackpots are jackpots that are not fixed at one set payout, although they will usually start at a minimum they will progressively get higher and higher. Obviously the more people play the slot between payouts, the higher the payout will usually be. When you have more than one slot machine contributing to the jackpot, then obviously that jackpot can get even higher and that is the case with the Thor slot machine.

The Thor Slot machine is based on the legendary Norse god of thunder, who Marvel comics turned into a super hero. This character was then picked up by Hollywood and stared in a movie. Now the same super hero has become the theme for the slot. This is only one of many slots that have taken their themes from Marvel super heroes and all of them have linked together to contribute to Marvel progressive jackpots, which are available to win on any of the machines.

With so many machines contributing to the same jackpots, these jackpots rapidly grow and grow higher than most others available today. It is possibly for this reason that the Thor Slot machine and other Marvel based slots have become so popular.

Thor Slot Machine
With the exciting features that the Thor Slot machine has, apart from the progressive jackpots, it is very likely that it would be popular anyway. The theme itself exudes an atmosphere of excitement with thunder crashing and lightning bolts electrifying the reels in flashes of light, you are left wondering where the rain is.

This excitement of the Thor Slot machine is then built upon by there being two bonus rounds available to get into, both of which can feature an untold number of free spins, giving you the opportunity to raise the credit count that you have.

Another exciting feature of the Thor Slot machine is that it has three different game plays, each of which is triggered randomly, which means that repetition of play does not interfere with the excitement or your enjoyment of the game, so just concentrate on collecting those credits or better still the progressive jackpot.