Progressive Jackpots on Thor Slot

Posted on August 20, 2013

thor slot machineProgressive jackpots are different from regular jackpots because regular jackpots have set payouts and the progressives keep rising until they are won. When you play Thor slot it is possible that you may gain access to a jackpot bonus round that has four jackpots that you could win.

All slot machines that have used heroes from Marvel comics as the bases for setting up a theme, like Thor Slot, have united together for the purposes of providing four shared progressive jackpots and what this means to the players is that not only are the jackpots able to be higher but they are also able to be replenished quicker. Obviously though, because all the machines pay into the jackpots, the jackpots most be available to be won by any of the machines and that is why they all also share a jackpot round but this jackpot round is allotted randomly across all the machines and so at any time while you play Thor Slot, you could find yourself in the jackpot round with the money just raining in.

Well, the wondering whether or not you will meet the jackpot round will certain provide suspense, which is what people often seek when they play slots but they also seek excitement and that is provided on the Thor Slot, surprisingly enough by an electric storm.

The Thor Slot is themed on Thor the Norse god of thunder, as portrayed in Marvel comics, coming down to earth to fight evil. In keeping with his legendary powers of being able to create storms at will, the Thor Slot sharply cracks with thunder as lightning bolts dance across the reels and the atmosphere truly is electric as you anticipate that any moment the rains will come.

This heightened state of alertness is ideal for the enjoyment of a challenging game of slots.
Of course the other reason people play slots is the wins and just in case you don’t meet that jackpot round, the Thor Slot provides other exciting ways to win, such as the Thunderstorm re-spin or the Lightning free play features.

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