Play Thor Slots with the Mythological Gods

Posted on December 18, 2013

thor slotIn ancient Norse mythology, Thor was the god of thunder. He was also the son of Odin, king of the gods and it was Odin that gave Thor his magic hammer that has the ability to create thunderstorms. Although the Vikings spoke of Thor living in Asgard with the other gods, when Marvel comics depicted him, they placed him on earth fighting evil. Later, this Marvel version of Thor was taken up by Hollywood who made movies about this exciting and perhaps divine character. Now when you play Thor slots you get the chance to share in some of the adventures undertaken by this unusual but heroic character.

Game Modes
When you start to play these slots, you will find yourself in the normal mode but during the playing of this mode you will come to a point where you are offered a choice to move to one of two other modes, both of which are equally exciting and both of which are potentially profitable. In the normal mode though there are still some good potentially high paying special features. One of these features is the Thunderstorm re-spin and another id the Lightning free spin.

These machines have become very popular with the slot enthusiasts but part of the reason for this, apart from them being based on an exciting character and also having some good pay outs in all three of their game modes, it could be because that through playing them, players have access to win one of the popular Marvel progressive jackpots.

Marvel Progressives
These Marvel progressive jackpots are four jackpots that are shared by all the slot machines themed on characters that once appeared in the comics. As there are many slots paying into these jackpots, they can attain some very high payouts which are given equal opportunity to be paid out by any of the Marvel slots. This is done by way of a special Marvel jackpots round that is randomly played on each of the machines. This makes any slot machine that is part of this franchise, that little bit more attractive than it may other wise have been.

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