Play Thor Slots with Marvel Jackpots

Posted on October 19, 2013

play thor slotsThere are several slot machines that have been inspired by characters that once appeared in Marvel comics and have themes that are based on those characters, Thor slots being an example. These slots are all banded together in regards to four progressive jackpots, meaning that all the slots pay into the jackpots and the jackpots are available to be won from any of the machines via a special Marvel jackpot round that is randomly awarded to be played on each of the machines, which means that when you play Thor slots, you are eligible to play and may be awarded entry into the Marvel jackpot round. Once you gain entry into the Marvel jackpot round, your winning of a large progressive jackpot is assured and the only reason the round is played at all, is to determine which of the jackpots it is that you are to win.

According to Norse legends, Thor was the god of thunder and according to Marvel comics, he is the same god of thunder but came to Earth to fight evil on the surface of the planet. To create an atmosphere fitting for the god of thunder, through some magnificent graphics and soundtracks, it seems like you are in the center of a horrific electrical storm, the thunder claps leaving ringing in your ears and lightning races across the reels brightly dazzling the eyes, combining to set your senses tingling with anticipation of the rain. The only raining to be heard though, is hopefully the raining of the chips as the wins appear on the reels.

Play Thor Slots
When you play Thor Slots there are three playing modes and you will always start in the same one. Later, as you play in this game mode, you will be offered the choice as to which of the other two game modes it is that you would like to switch to. Whilst either of the other game modes can offer almost endless re-spins, this initial mode also offers a Thunderstorm Re-Spin feature and a Lightning Free-Spin feature.