Play Thor Slots with Free Spins

Posted on July 12, 2013

thor slot machineIn this exciting game of slots there are two features that contain infinite amounts of spins until the next feature is reached. When you play Thor slots you are offered a choice of which of these two features would like to play but as both offer infinite free spins and both offer excitement, the choice is one of personal preference only and perhaps how much you win will depend on your decision of preferences.

Thor Slots
When you play Thor slots, you will see that they are not based so much on the legendary Viking god of thunder as the fictional Thor god of thunder as depicted in the Marvel comics.

The Thor of Viking legend was the god of thunder and son of Odin. He could create storms by smashing his magic hammer on the ground and in order to try and appease Thor and make him stop the storm, the Vikings would sacrifice rams in his name.
The fictional Thor of Marvel comics, although still son of Odin and god of thunder, has come to earth from Asgard, home of the gods, to use the power of his hammer to fight evil in the world.

Although the symbols on the reels depict characters and objects from both origins, such as a hammer, rams, Odin and Thor himself, the action is more Marvel comic orientated.

Marvel Comic
Marvel comics have been the inspiration for many slot machines to be based on and between them they have created a somewhat unique and popular feature. What these slots have done is amalgamate in offering progressive jackpots. All of the Marvel based slots will pay into four progressive jackpots, which means these jackpots can pay out more than other regular jackpots and can also be recharged more quickly, allowing those who play Thor slots or any of the other Marvel slots the chance to win jackpots that are higher and more frequent than with other ‘stand alone’ slots.

The possibilities of receiving infinite free spins and very profitable jackpots makes the slots very popular and so people keep returning to play Thor slots.