Play Thor Slots with a Norse Legend

Posted on January 07, 2014

thor slotNorse legends were told by the Vikings as being part of their mythology. This mythology of theirs said that Thor was the son of Odin who was king of the gods. The legend has it that Thor was given, by Odin, a magical hammer that could produce storms and so was known as the god of thunder. When you play Thor slots though, it is not based only on the legend.

Although, according to the Vikings, Thor lived with his father in Asgard, when Marvel comics wrote about him, he had come to earth to fight against evil. When Hollywood used this character to feature in the movies, they also went along with the Marvel version and had him fighting evil on earth. It is the Marvel and Hollywood versions of the god of thunder that the Thor Slots are based on.

Game Modes
Although there are two other game modes that you can play in, you will always start in the same mode and when you play in this mode you have special features like the thunderstorm re-spin which provides for you to get re-spins without having to pay any more. Another feature is the lightning free play. In this feature you are awarded free spins but not until after a couple of extra wilds have been added to the reels. Of course you can also win access to the other two modes and although there is a choice, they are very similar in so far as they can both other you excitement and almost limitless free spins.

Marvel is somewhat of a big name in slots today, as there are now several machines that have been based on characters from the comic. These machines have linked together to share four progressive jackpots. As these jackpots are shared they are bigger than regular jackpots and also, again because they are shared, they can be built back up very quickly allowing them to be won again. The jackpots are paid out through the various machines via a special Marvel jackpot round which is randomly allotted to each the machines.

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