Play Thor Slots Spin with Thunder and Lightning

Posted on November 08, 2013

thor slot machineUnsurprisingly when you play these slot machines that are based on the Norse god of thunder, thunder and lightning are everywhere. Through the use of some excellent special effects when you play Thor slots the thunder seems to crackle endlessly and the lightning brightly flashes bolts across the reels.

You will see that the Thor slots are based on this thundering god who appeared in marvel comics and Hollywood movies, the symbols on the reels contain ones depicting him, his magical hammer and other objects noticeable from these epic tales. The Thor Slots do not leave the thunder and lightning theme there though, there are also thunderstorm re-spins and lightning free spins to be won.

Play Thor Slots
The Thor Slots are an exciting modern set of slot machines that play in three modes. Play Thor Slots and there is mode in which you start and then there are two other modes that are reached at the same time allowing you a choice as to which one you continue in. The preference of modes though is really personal choice though, as both of them are capable of having the potential for almost endless free spins.

Progressive Jackpots
When you play Thor Slots you join many other who play slot machines that have been based on characters from Marvel comics and so you are a possible candidate for receiving the special marvel jackpot round. This round has been especially formulated to distribute four progressive jackpots that all of the marvel based slots share. Joining together in this manner enables the jackpots to be replenished quicker and also to be able to pay out higher prizes.

This is one feature that when you play Thor Slots and other Marvel slots that have helped them to become popular with slot enthusiasts although it is true to say that the Thor Slots would have become popular even without the progressive jackpots on offer. Even so, it is still good to know that the chances of winning a progressive jackpot are there. These marvel jackpots are distributed to all the machines via randomly allotted special jackpot round and once you have been allotted entry into the round, you have won a jackpot and it is only the question of which one that is left.

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