Play Thor Slots and Win Jackpots

Posted on November 28, 2013

thor slot machineThere are possibilities of winning one or more of four progressive jackpots when you play this slot. Because when you play Thor slots, you are playing a slot machine that is based on the Norse god of thunder, Thor as portrayed by the Marvel comics, you could randomly receive entry into the Marvel special jackpot round that has four progressive jackpots to be won. The Marvel jackpots are ones that all the Marvel inspired slots pay into, making them larger and more rapidly paying than most other jackpots. Of course though, as there are several machines paying into them, there are also those same machines that the jackpots can be won from. In order to regulate this, a special Marvel jackpots bonus round was devised which is randomly awarded to each machine on a fair but random basis. When this round is awarded to a machine, it will pay out one of the four jackpots and the round is only there to play for which jackpot is won.

Obviously there are many people that play slot machines in the hope of winning a jackpot and so when you consider that the Marvel jackpots are among the highest of any slot machine, the Marvel slots draw extra popularity.

Thor Slot
The Thor slot though is an independently exciting game to play with three playing modes. The mode you start in is always the same but when you reach, randomly, the next modes, you will have a choice between the other two. The choice of which of the two modes to play is really personal choice as both have similar things to offer, mainly almost unlimited free spins.

During the initial mode though, as the machine is themed on the god of thunder, thunder and lightning feature greatly in the modes playing. Whilst you are playing in this mode you can trigger a thunderstorm re-spin feature or a lightning free spin feature, both of which will assist you in obtaining a win.

In keeping with its theme, the symbols on the reels when you play Thor Slot are of Thor, his father Odin, his hammer, fist or castle, all of which can come together to create some very impressive wins.

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