Play Thor Slots and Weather the Storm

Posted on January 27, 2014

thor slotThese slot machines are themed on the god of thunder and so don’t be surprised if, whilst you are playing, you hear the crack of thunder or see lightning bolts race across the reels, it is probably only special effects. When you play Thor slots it isn’t all about the weather, it is also about winning and they certainly allow you ample opportunities to do that.

Play Modes
You will always start to play these slots, which have three game modes, in the regular game mode. This initial mode contains special features that will assist you in winning. The first of these special features is something called the thunderstorm re-spin feature and as you may guess, this feature randomly awards you a re-spin. The other special feature is called the lightning free spin feature and as you have probably realized, this feature randomly awards you a free spin.

The other two modes are randomly arrived at, at the same time which means that you can make your own decision as to which one you would rather play. Both of these two modes have similar pay outs but are merely played in different ways but both lead to features that can award you almost limitless free spins for an abundance of wins.

Although Norse legends tell of Thor living in Asgard with his father Odin, who was king of the gods, when Marvel comics featured him, they depicted him as living on earth, using his special powers to fight against evil, which is a theme that was also taken up by Hollywood when they made movies about him.

Regardless of how Thor was represented by Marvel comics, he still appeared in them which mean that the Thor Slots qualify to join other slots that have been themed on characters from the comic and share some jackpots. These four shared progressive jackpots are now known as the Marvel jackpots and they can be won from any of the Marvel themed slots. Which jackpot is won by each of the slots is determined randomly and is paid out via a special Marvel jackpots round which is allotted for playing to each slot.

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