Play Thor Slots and Thunder Home with the Wins

Posted on February 16, 2014

thor slotOn these slot machines thee are three game modes plus special features and all of them will assist you in winning, including the thunderstorm re-spin feature. When you play Thor slots in the regular mode you have stacked symbols features, a thunderstorm re-spin feature and a lightning free spin feature, all there not just to assist you in winning but also there to ensure that a player has an enjoyable and exciting experience.

If you are able to stack the wild symbols on the 2nd reel of these slot machines, you will trigger the thunderstorm re-spin round that will allow you to re-spin at no extra expense. By stacking the wilds on the 4th reel, you will trigger the lightning free spin feature which will also allow you spins at no extra cost. If on the other hand, you manage to stack Heimdall symbols on the middle reel, you will trigger advancement to the next playing modes.

Additional Modes
The two additional playing modes on these slots allow the possibility for free spins to be repeated almost limitlessly and you get to choose which of the modes you prefer to play. As both these additional modes are triggered when you get the Heimdall symbols stacked on the center reel, you can choose which of the modes you would prefer to advance to.

There is a lot of thunder and lightning featured on these slot machines because they are themed on Thor, the god of thunder. Although he is a mythological character from Norse legends, he was also featured as a superhero in Marvel comics, a trend that led to his appearance in Hollywood movies. As he did appear in Marvel comics though, it allows these slots to join others that were inspired by the comics, in sharing four common progressive jackpots. These jackpots have become popular additions to the slot machines that qualify as because they are shared, they can build to payouts that exceed most other jackpots available and fortunately, they can also be replenished faster than most.

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