Play Thor Slots and Thunder Home the Wins

Posted on September 29, 2013

play thor slotsThese slot machines have some thundering good ways to win but what else could you expect from slots that are based on the god of thunder. When you play Thor slots you will soon realize by the crashing noises of the thunder and the lightning bolts shooting across the reels, that these slots are based on Thor the legendary god of thunder from the days of the Vikings and their Norse beliefs.

These slot machines have incredibly good graphics and soundtracks that almost have you believing; when play Thor slots that you are actually in the middle of a horrendous electrical storm, except you don’t get wet. In fact the only rain that occurs is the raining of the coins when you receive one of the many wins available. Perhaps from the Thunderstorm re-spin or the Lightning free play or even perhaps from the randomly awarded jackpot round.

Game Modes
When you play Thor slots there are three game modes that can be played. As you start to play Thor slots you will always start in the same game mode and then reach a point where you are offered the choice to play one of the other two modes. The choice is yours but either one offers the possibility of receiving almost endless free spins.

Jackpot Round
What would of course really thunder home the win would be, whilst you play Thor slots you are awarded entry into the jackpot round, which once in, you are assured to win one of the four progressive jackpots available.

These four progressive jackpots are referred to as Marvel jackpots and this is because this bonus round that they are in can be randomly awarded to any player playing a Marvel comic hero inspired slot machine, which is why you qualify when you play Thor slots. Obviously in order to win from this jackpot round, all the Marvel based slots have to pay into the four progressives, which in turn makes their payouts higher and also replenishes them quicker than most single machine jackpots can do. So your winning of a jackpot when you play Thor slots, seemingly coming from nowhere could almost be like receiving a lightning strike, only less painful.

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