Play Thor Slots and get Weatherly Wins

Posted on March 08, 2014

thor slotWith these slots being themed on the god of thunder, it is possibly inevitable that your wins may be affected by the weather and they are. When you play Thor slots and you are still in the initial round, you may be fortunate enough to encounter the thunderstorm re-spins feature or the lightning free spins feature both of which could affect your amount of wins in a favorable manner. In both of these features, either through re-spins or free spins, you are afforded the chance to increase your credit bank balance without the need to reduce it by paying in credits to spin the reels.

Game Modes
It isn’t altogether unusual for slot machines to have more than one game mode in which you can play but what may be unique about these slots is the fact that after the initial, regular game mode, you get a choice from two additional game modes, of which to play. The two additional game modes are triggered in the same way and so become available to play at the same time, affording you the opportunity as which you would rather play.

Although there is a choice of two game modes, there is perhaps not too much different about them as, although they play in different manners, they both are exciting and can both offer you some great wins. The main winning features on both of the modes rely on free spins and once you have triggered those free spins, as they able to be re-triggered, the amount of free spins that you eventual receive could be almost endless, hopefully taking your credit figure upwards in the same way.

Thor, as well as appearing in Norse legends as told by the Vikings, this god of thunder, also appeared as a superhero in both Marvel comics and Hollywood movies and it is because of his appearance in Marvel comics that these slot machines can offer to pay some exceptionally high jackpots. All the slots inspired by heroes that appeared in Marvel comics, share four progressive jackpots that, because they are shared, can reach some exceptionally high payouts.

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