Play Thor Slots and Choose your Mode

Posted on December 13, 2013

thor slot machineOn these exciting slot machines there are three game modes that can be played, the first one is the default mode and is the one that you will always start in. The other two game modes when you play Thor slots are accessed via a special feature that you can reach and having reached it in the default mode, you will be given the choice as to which of the other modes you wish to play. Both these additional modes can be very lucrative with one featuring possibly almost endless re-spins and the other, equally almost endless free spins. The default mode though also has its lucrative moments with both a Thunderstorm re-spin feature and a Lightning free spin feature available.

As these slot machines are themed on Thor, the god of thunder, it is only fitting that through the exceptional work of some special effects, the whole of the game is played in an atmosphere that is surrounded in a thunderstorm, the thunder will loudly ring in your ears as the lightning bolts light up the reels as they pass across them.

Thor has become a very popular character having first appeared in Norse legends passed down through the Viking tales and then appearing in Marvel comics as a godly superhero coming to earth to fight evil. More recently he has been the main character in some popular Hollywood movies and now the theme for some exciting slot machines.

Marvel Jackpots
Marvel jackpots are four very high paying progressive jackpots that are shared by any slot machine that has been based on a Marvel character or has a Marvel character as its theme. As all these slot machines pay into the jackpots making them higher paying and quicker to build back up, obviously all the machines want to be the ones to pay them out. This possible dilemma has been resolved by the creation of a special Marvel jackpot bonus round which is randomly allotted to be played on all the different Marvel themed or based slot machines.

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