Play Thor Slot with Thunder and Lightning

Posted on March 03, 2014

play thor slotsIt is perhaps little wonder that as this slot machine is themed on the god of thunder, that thunder and lightning are featured on it. When you play Thor slot there are three separate modes that it can be played in and it is the first of these modes that there are thunder and lightning features. First though, you should know that the machine has a stacked wilds feature and it is this feature that can lead to the stormy ones. If you get stacked wilds appear on the 2nd reel, you will trigger a thunderstorm re-spin feature but if the stacked wilds appear on the 4th reel, you will trigger a lightning free spin feature.

Game Modes
Although you may always start in the regular mode, whilst playing in that mode if you get stacked Heimdall symbols on the center reel, you can activate the other two modes. The additional two modes will be activated at the same time and so the played gets the opportunity to determine which of the two they would rather play. Both of these extra modes feature an abundance of free spins and so which ever one the player decides to play, they will be assured of a high pay out potential.

Thor, according to Norse mythology as passed down through the Vikings, sight Thor as being the son of Odin who was king of the gods. Odin bestowed on Thor, the ability to create storms by use of a magic hammer. According to these legends, Thor lived in Asgard with his father and the rest of the gods.

More recently Thor has appeared in the pages of Marvel comics and then, later in Hollywood movies but in these, although still being featured as the god of thunder, he is depicted as having come to earth to use his powers to fight evil. Regardless of how he is depicted in Marvel comics, the fact that he appeared in them, means that a player at any time whilst playing this slot could randomly be allotted the Marvel jackpots round which would certainly lead to the winning of a very large marvel progressive jackpot.

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