Play Thor Slot with the Thunder God

Posted on February 01, 2014

thor slotAccording to Norse legends, Thor was the god of thunder and thanks to a magic hammer, that was given to him by his father Odin, the king of the gods, Thor could create thunderstorms when ever he saw fit. Believing these legends to be true, the Vikings would slaughter rams to try and appease Thor, believing that if they made him happy, he would not create any storms during their long sea voyages. When you play Thor slot, you will see that it is based on the god of thunder but more in a way that he was portrayed by Marvel comics. Although when Thor appeared in marvel comics he was also portrayed as the god of thunder, in the comic version he had come to earth to use the powers of his hammer to fight against evil.

Game Modes
On this slot machine there are three play modes and you always start in the one that is known as the regular mode. When you are playing in the regular mode, you will come to a point where you can choose which of the other two modes you would like to play. These two additional modes are different in how they play but offer similar chances to win, almost endless free spins.

As Thor was in Marvel comics, this slot machine qualifies as one that is themed on a Marvel comic’s character. All the Marvel inspired slots have four progressive jackpots in common, they all pay into these jackpots and, in turn, any of the slots can pay out the jackpots. This arrangement or agreement between these slots means that the pay outs can attain higher levels and the funds can also be more quickly replaced.

Deciding which of the jackpots is paid out by which machine is decided in two ways. Firstly a special Marvel jackpots round, randomly and fairly, decides which of the slots should pay out the next jackpot. Secondly, the slot machine that the special jackpot round has been allotted to, allows for the round to be played which will determine which of the jackpots is to be paid.

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