Play Thor Slot with Stormy Features

Posted on March 23, 2014

thor slotThis slot machine is based on the god of thunder and so you shouldn’t be surprised if you encounter some stormy features. When you play Thor slot there are three game modes in which you can play, the regular mode is the one you start in and it is also here that you may encounter those stormy features. One of these stormy features is the thunderstorm re-spin and with this feature you can get to acquire extra wins without extra expense. A second stormy feature in this mode is the lightning free spin feature and once again, with this feature, you can get to earn some extra wins without any extra expense.

Additional Modes
As stated, there are two other modes in which you can play on this slot machine and as these are both accessed in the same way and at the same time, it is you that gets to choose which of the modes it is that you advance to. Both the modes are exciting and both can offer some very lucrative wins as, one of the special features in each of the rounds affords almost endless amounts of free spins, meaning once again, you get the opportunity to collect some extra wins without having to pay any extra credits. It is by continuously receiving these wins whilst not depleting your credits that your wins will hopefully, gradually build up to jackpot levels.

Marvel jackpots are the name given to four high paying progressive jackpots that are shared by all the slot machines that have been inspired by the characters that appeared in Marvel comics. As Thor is one of those superheroes from the comics, this slot also joins the ranks of those that share the jackpots.

These jackpots are popular with both the casual player and the slot enthusiast as, being shared, they can reach payout levels that are higher than most unshared jackpots and, also because they are shared, can replenish themselves more quickly. Although the payouts are shared between the machines, they are done so randomly and equally and so at any time whilst playing, you could receive one.

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