Play Thor Slot with Marvel Jackpot

Posted on October 14, 2013

thor slot machineThis slot machine is one that has joined with other Marvel comic superhero inspired slot machines, to share four progressive jackpots. With several machines joined in this manner, to share jackpots, it means that any of the jackpots, when won, can quickly be replaced. It also means that when you play Thor slot or any of the other ones, you could randomly be awarded the chance to win one of the jackpots at any time. The jackpots that are on offer are progressive jackpots, which mean unlike other jackpots, they are not necessarily restricted to certain amount payouts; they can keep growing until they are won.

When you play Thor Slot you may be randomly allocated the Marvel jackpot round which is randomly offered to all the participating machines and once you enter this round, it is to determine which of the four progressive jackpots you will win.

Thor Slot
When you play Thor Slot, you will see that it is based on Thor the thunder god from Norse mythology but the Thor that this is based on is more like the character depicted in Marvel comics and the movies, than the one from Viking legend.

As you probably would expect from a slot machine based on the god of thunder, when you play Thor Slot it is almost as if you are in the middle of a horrendous thunderstorm, the lightning periodically flashes and brightly lights up the reels and the thunder crashes, echoing in your ears, your senses are on edge awaiting the inevitable rain but it never comes.

Game Modes
When you play Thor Slot there are three game modes, the one you start in and then two others that are triggered in the same manner, which means that when you reach these other two modes, you will have the choice of which one to play.

Whilst you play Thor Slot in the initial mode though, you can be awarded thunder re-spins and lightning free spins, both of which are features to assist you in winning and when you play Thor Slot and reach the other modes, almost limitless free spins await you.

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