Play Thor Slot with Infinite Free Spins

Posted on July 05, 2013

thor slot machineThis slot machine has three modes of play. Two of these modes of play when you play Thor slot have an infinite number of free spins in their bonus rounds and the first of these modes has two bonus rounds, one of which features free spins and the other one gives a bunch of extra wilds followed by one free spin.

Thor Slot
The slot machine is based on the legendary Thor as portrayed by Marvel comics and so when you play Thor Slot you will find that the reels are full of symbols showing Thor and other characters or objects from the legend. Thor originally was a part of Norse mythology as the god of thunder and in the marvel comics he was shown as coming to earth to fight evil.

Thor is not the only marvel hero that has been used as the theme for slot machines and so when you play Thor Slot, you are playing a machine that links with other marvel based slot machines to present joint progressive jackpots. By all these marvel slot machines joining together, the jackpots can be won more often and can usually be of higher payouts than slot machines that have their own jackpots. As these slots all pay into the jackpots, any of the four jackpots can be won on any of the participating machines.

When you play Thor Slot you enjoy the entertainment of a 5 reel slot with 9 winning lines available and although the opportunity of randomly winning a marvel jackpot helps to make the game popular, its fast action and varied modes of play would make the Thor Slot popular anyway.

The thundering soundtrack and lightning graphics not just serve as a reminder that the slot is based on the god of thunder but also makes the time you play Thor Slot a memorable and enjoyable experience, which of course will be far more enjoyable if you are able to take advantage of the excellent winnings available not to mention being able to win one of the four progressive marvel jackpots.