Play Thor Slot with Flashing Lightning

Posted on November 03, 2013

thor slotThrough some superb special effects this slot machine conjures up an electric storm of godly power. When you play Thor slot the lightning zaps across the reels and the thunder claps loudly in the ears, it is all part of the theme of Thor the god of thunder. Although Norse legends, told by the mighty Vikings, talk of Thor the god of thunder, they tell of him living in Asgard with his father Odin the king of the gods but the legends as told by Marvel comics, have Thor living on earth and fighting evil wherever he may find it.

Which tales are true, they both tell of Thor being the god of thunder and that is why when you play Thor Slot, there are so much impressive effects.

Thor Slot
When you play Thor Slot you will see that Thor appears on the reel s in the form of symbols, along with his hammer and other items from the legends. There in fact three game modes, one that you always start in and then as you move on you are given a choice of two others to play. All the modes have some good winning potentials but none of them can match the winning potential of a progressive jackpot that you may be fortunate to randomly come upon.

Marvel Jackpots
As we said, when you play Thor Slot, you are playing a slot machine that is based on a character that appeared in Marvel comics and so that qualified it to join in the sharing of four progressive jackpots that all the other marvel based slots also share in.

As these jackpots have more than one slot machine sponsoring them, the jackpots rapidly build and can also reach levels rarely attained by other slot machines. As they all pay into the jackpots, they all have to be capable of paying them out and so a special Marvel jackpot round was introduced which is randomly played on all the sharing slots. So when you play Thor Slot, there is a chance that you could randomly be in place to play this special Jackpot round.

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