Play Thor Slot in Three Game Modes

Posted on February 11, 2014

play thor slotsThis slot machine has three game modes but you will always start in the same regular mode. Once you play Thor slot in the regular mode, you will reach a point where you will be given a choice of which, of two other game modes to play. These additional games modes offer you a choice as to which one you would prefer to play but each one can offer an astounding number of free spins for you to try and win from.

Whilst in the regular mode though, you can still of course win and two of the ways that you can win are by the thunderstorm re-spin feature or the lightning free spin feature, both of which offer you the chance to win without putting in additional coins.

Thor, on whom the slot machine is themed, was according to Norse legend, the god of thunder. Thor was supposedly the son of Odin who was king of the gods and Odin gave Thor a magic hammer with which he could create storms at will. The Vikings, before setting out on their sea voyages, would sacrifice rams in Thor’s name in the hope of appeasing him and stay his hammer for the duration of their voyage.

When the character Thor, appeared in marvel comics and later the movies, although he was still featured as the god of thunder, in these versions he had come to earth to use the powers of his hammer to try and fight evil.

As Thor had appeared in Marvel comics, the Thor Slot is qualified to join other Marvel inspired slot machines and share in four progressive jackpots. With several machines paying into these jackpots, they are higher paying than jackpots that are only paid into by just one machine and for the same reason, can be replenished quicker. These jackpots are paid out randomly by way of a special Marvel jackpots round that can be awarded to be played on any of the machines at any time, including the Thor Slot at the time when you are playing it.

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