Play Thor Slot and Select your Orb

Posted on August 10, 2013

thor slot machineWhen you reach a certain stage on this slot machine, you will be shown two orbs and dependent on which orb you select, will determine which of two game modes you play. When you play Thor slot there are, in total, three game modes, the first one is the one that you will always start in but when you reach a certain point in the game play, you will be asked to select an orb to determine which of the other two modes you continue playing in.

According to the Vikings, Norse mythology has it that Thor was the god of thunder and in order to appease him and get him to stop a storm; they would sacrifice a ram in his name. According to this legend, Thor lived in the home of the gods, Asgard, with his father Odin, king of the gods. When you play Thor slot though, you will see that it isn’t really this legend that the machine is based on, rather a much later version created by Marvel comics and in this version, Thor has come to earth to fight evil and that is the setting when you play Thor Slot.

Bonus Features
When you play Thor Slot there are two special features, both compatible to the god of thunder theme. The first feature is a thunderstorm re-spin which is triggered if stacked wilds occur on the second reel. The second of these special features when you play Thor Slot, is the lightning free spin feature that is reached by having stacked wilds on the 4th reel but this feature includes extra wilds being added to the reels.

Marvel Jackpots
When you play Thor Slot, as it is based on a character from Marvel comics, you are eligible to win one of the Marvel progressive jackpots. The Marvel progressive jackpots are four progressive jackpots that all the slot machines that are based on Marvel characters pay into. As all the Marvel machines pay into the jackpots, obviously they can be won via any of these machines, including when you play Thor Slot.