Play Thor Slot and Marvel at the Wins

Posted on November 23, 2013

play thor slotsThe Thor Slot machine is based on the character Thor, who according to Norse legends was the god of thunder. Marvel comics portrayed this god as a superhero who came to earth to fight against evil and because he was featured in Marvel comics, when you play Thor slot you are eligible to be awarded the Marvel special progressive jackpot round. If you are awarded entry into this round it will mean that you have already won one of the special Marvel jackpots and that your entry into the jackpot round is to play the round to decide which jackpot you have won.

The Marvel jackpot round was devised when all the slot machines that were inspired by characters from Marvel comics, grouped together to share four progressive jackpots and the reason that you can gain entry into the round is because the round is randomly allotted to be played by all the participating slot machines.

Thor Slot
The Thor Slot is a very popular slot machine but its popularity is not just due to the fact that when you play Thor slot you may be awarded the Marvel Jackpot round, it is also popular because it is an exciting game in its own right. Apart from the progressive jackpots, there are also good potentials for coming away a winner.

When you play Thor slot there are three modes in which you can play, the second and third ones give you a choice of which to play and both contain potentially almost limitless free spins but you only reach these by playing the first, initial mode. During this first mode, it is possible to attain two special features to assist you in winning. The first of these features is the Thunderstorm re-spin feature and the second one is the Lightning free spin feature. If you attain the lightning free spin feature, between 2 and 5 extra wilds will be added to the reels before the spin starts.

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